EP 11: From Professional Basketball to LVAD: George Boakye-Yiadom’s Unexpected Journey

“If it wasn’t for Ivy, I probably wouldn’t be where I am. So I thank God for her. It wasn’t easy. ” – George Boakye-Yiadom

Bouba talks with George about the ups and downs of living with a heart condition.
George Boakye-Yiadom is a mental health coach, fashion designer, and technology consultant. He is the founder the Boak Group LLC and works at of Fathers Uplift. He is married with three children and recently underwent a heart transplant.

George Boakye-Yiadom was a professional basketball player playing in Russia when he experienced a sharp pain in his chest and was diagnosed with heart failure. He was quickly put on a Balloon Pump and then an LVAD. During this difficult time, his wife Ivy found him a therapist and mentor, Charles Daniels (Co-Founder of Fathers’ Uplift), who helped George rebuild his life. George developed an interest in fashion, starting a company called The Boak Group, and later became a technology consultant and a coach at Fathers Uplift. Despite his heart condition, George was able to travel to Ghana with his LVAD. With the support of his wife and family, George has been able to make a successful transition from professional basketball player to entrepreneur.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. George Boakye-Yiadom’s incredible journey from playing professional basketball to living with a heart condition, LVAD device, and now a heart transplant.

2. His inspiring story of how his wife, Ivy and his mentor Charles helped him rebuild his life, including pursuing a career in fashion, technology consulting, and mental health coaching.

3. His experiences traveling with an LVAD, including to Ghana for his wedding, and his hope to play basketball again in the Winter League.

Find out more about George here:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theboakgroup/

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Chapter Summaries:


Today we have another giant who also lives in Boston. We’re looking forward to talk about his journey. We have a very similar journey, including the LVAD, and now he had a heart transplant. We’ll go through a few of the ups and downs, but also some of the beautiful moments.


 I work for a mental health outpatient clinic that primarily serves fathers and their families. He says he went from normal to needing something to support his heart in just a few months. George recently had a heart transplant.


The LVAD has 46 hours on each battery. He had to replace his batteries by year three, but did travel to Ghana with his LVAD. How was that showing up at the airport with this device?


How did you start picking up all these activities, now your a counselor, a coach, a fashion designer, technology consultant. Everything. We do, at the end of the day, is about people, right? And it’s about those relationships.


As a former basketball player, George wants to introduce his sons to basketball. He wants to join the Winter League in November. Are you taking it easy? It is about eight months post-transplant.


The transplant happened last October, the end of October 2021. I woke up mid-surgery trying to pull my tube out. I’m still dealing with diabetes and working on it. My nutrition has been pretty good. I just got to find a healthy balance.


I went back to work in February, but I was working virtually. So when it comes to doing my fashion stuff, I haven’t done any fashion shows. But I am selling my old stuff, and people are buying it. 


“I went from 310 to 240 in months. Mostly water.
What is it like being a dad? He’s amazing.


I’m really amazed at the love that people show you on instagram. How are your friends responding to all the changes you’ve been through? Has anything changed besides being able to join them at all the parties and things like that? I’m excited to play basketball with them again.


“Always think positive, and positive things will come. The only difference between a millionaire and a broke person is how they think ” “I want to meet your beautiful kids, and for you to meet mine “

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