Introducing the Healthy Hearts Webinar Series

Welcome to our First Healthy Heart Webinar Series presented by The Heart of a Giant Foundation and The American Heart Association through Empowered to Serve.
The webinar series was held from March – April 2022.
After watching these videos, you will better understand Heart Disease, who it affects, and how you can care for yourself and your loved ones. The webinars will cover the following topics: blood pressure control, stroke signs, warning signs of a heart attack, heart-healthy eating, salt and how it affects the heart, and diabetes and its link to heart disease.

The sessions are presented by Heart of a Giant Nurses: Idongesit Obeya, Sarah Falcone, Velma Glover, Maria Dalomba, Yesica Santana, Shirline Luxcin Jean, and Eunide Guillet. Somaneh Bouba and Stephanie Morales are the webinar facilitators.
Each presentation is followed by a Q&A during which attendees are asked questions answered by the Heart of a Giant Nurses.
During the 6-week heart health webinar series, about 50 people signed up and attended the webinar. Replays are available for those who could not join in at the time. We would like to share this content and important information to all that may benefit from the heart health sessions. The presentation material and handouts are available on our Website here.

This program was made possible in partnership with the American Heart Association through the Empowered to Serve Initiative.

The Heart of a Giant Foundation is an organization dedicated to making a positive difference in communities, with a mission to eliminate preventable harm caused by chronic health conditions and improve one‟s management.
High blood pressure is a common condition that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified as a major risk factor for heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and vascular dementia. Heart disease and stroke are the fifth- leading causes of death in the United States.
We intend to empower participants to better manage high blood pressure (hypertension). Through a culturally responsive community-based and technology-driven approach. That provides comprehensive care tools, community-centered healthcare support, health education, and coaching that guides participants toward better health outcomes.

We plan to hold more webinars like this in the future. Please go to our website for more details on upcoming events.

Watch the webinar series here:

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