Support the HGF Healthy Hearts Communities (2HC) Program
in Boston and Surrounding Areas.

We’re on a mission to help individuals and communities better manage and prevent high blood pressure and improve their health and well-being.

We launched the 2HC Program to offer comprehensive healthcare support, health education, and coaching to people with high blood pressure or at risk of developing it. Our approach is culturally responsive, community-based, and technology-driven.

About the 2HC Program

Many success factors in preventing and controlling high blood pressure depend on a heart-healthy lifestyle and good health habits. As a result, we will focus our work on a patient-led holistic program.

The program has four components:

Clinical support to optimize the health needs and augment the care needs of participants; using multiple HIPAA-compliant channels to communicate, including home visits, phone, or Web. Key activities include

  • health screenings and health education
  • home self monitoring of blood pressure and other biometrics
  • care coordination and referrals

Eating a healthy diet and exercising often can help maintain a healthy weight, improve physical endurance and muscular strength, improve mood, and control blood pressure to avoid hypertension and other heart diseases. The program provides the following:

  • tailored heart-healthy diet and eating plan
  • weekly cooking classes in person or online
  • a semi-supervised exercise training program

Mental health is just as important as physical health in maintaining healthy blood pressure. Leveraging culturally responsive mental health screening tools, licensed social workers will support individuals and families in managing their condition through

  • complementary psychotherapy sessions
  • individual and group counseling
  • heart-healthy share-backs

The Healthy-Hearts community fosters a sense of belonging and unity by offering a supportive environment. The program offers a peer network and community built around selected group activities, hobbies, interests, and cultures:

  • in-person and remote support groups
  • community-building activities and events
  • heart healthy workshops