Review of a Six-Year Heart Transplant Journey with Somaneh Bouba: Diagnosis & Challenges

Today’s episode is a little different. Join us as Somaneh Bouba speaks about his heart transplant journey six months after with his new heart. Bouba has overcome tremendous challenges in his six year-long heart transplant journey. As a dedicated husband, father, senior corporate manager and social entrepreneur, Somaneh has navigated his way through the complex world of heart transplantation with grace and resilience. His personal experiences have given him unique insights and perspectives on the challenges those recovering from a heart transplant face.

Join us as Somaneh shares his inspiring story and offers invaluable advice for fellow and future transplant recipients.

In this episode, learn more about:

  • Navigating the complexities of heart transplant recovery.
  • The crucial role of robust support networks during health challenges.
  • Mastering medication management and side effect mitigation.
  • The emotional rollercoaster post-heart transplant.
  • Cultivating a grateful and positive mindset to weather any storm.

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Chapter Summaries:

Time-stamped summary of this episode:

00:00:00 – Introduction,
Bouba Somaneh begins the podcast episode by thanking the audience for joining and introducing the topic, which is his own heart disease story.

00:01:25 – Bouba talks about his early diagnosis of dilated cardiomyopathy and how he managed to live with it through medication and lifestyle changes. He also talks about moving to Senegal, launching a business, and getting accepted into President Obama flagship’s Young African Leadership Initiative.

00:04:27 – Bouba talks about how his condition got abruptly worse a few days after arriving in  the US for his fellowship and had to be put on the transplant list. He talks about the significant operations he had to undergo and the life changes he had to make, including moving with his wife to Boston and staying with his in-laws for a year.

00:12:38 – Bouba talks about receiving the call for a new heart on a Friday afternoon and got everything to get to the hospital. He talks about the procedure and waking up two days later.

00:15:41 – He discusses his recovery and ICU stay after his heart transplant,the intense monitoring in ICU, his struggles with blood pressure and balance, and passing out once in the hospital. He also talks about the attention and focus of the nurses and the patience required during recovery.

00:21:41 – Bouba discusses the medication and adjustments required after his heart transplant, including antirejection medications and vitamin intake. He talks about the importance of being aware of side effects and having a support system during recovery.

00:25:46 – The day before he got the phone call for the transplant, he received an offer for a new job which he accepted while in ICU. Bouba talks about negotiating his start date with his employer and the importance of proper operations and compliance for the Foundation.

00:29:15 – Bouba discusses the importance of having a solid support system during recovery, including managing children and helping them understand the transplant process.

00:30:05 – The joy of hearing his new heart and the excitement of others at the hospital. He notes that his kids visited the hospital to listen to his new heartbeat. They were amazed by the sound. These moments were fun.

00:30:38 – Bouba talks about the difficulty of being at the hospital away from his boys It was not easy for the boys, especially the younger twin, who had difficulty with the absence Thankfully, his attitude changed for the better once Bouba returned home.

00:31:22 – Bouba expresses gratitude for his medical team, friends, and family, and everyone who supported them during his recovery. He highlighted The Heart of a Giant at the Foundation team, who kept leading work. He had something to look forward to, which helped them stay positive throughout the process.

00:31:55 – Bouba talks about his plans for the future, including delivering at home, working on the Foundation, and helping others going through similar experiences. 

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