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Saturdays February 26 – April 2
2pm – 3pm (US Eastern Time)
6 sessions (English only)

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Control Your Blood Pressure

(February 26)

Learn the Signs of a Stroke

(March 05)

Learn the Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

(March 12)

Heart Healthy Eating

(March 19)

Salt and Cardiovascular Risk

(March 26)

Know Diabetes by Heart

(April 02)

Keeping blood pressure numbers in a normal range is vital for your health, and for the health of those you care about.  

Our heart health lessons offer help for those who:

  • Seek to prevent high blood pressure.
  • Are diagnosed with high blood pressure.
  • May be at risk for high blood pressure.
  • Know people with high blood pressure.
  • Care for people with high blood pressure.

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