Wear Red for Women’s Heart Health This February

February is American Heart Month, and on Friday the 4th, we’re calling on our community to wear red for women’s heart health and help raise awareness and support.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for women worldwide. Yet, many women are not aware of its high incidence or the risks to their health. In the US and globally, close to 35% of women lose their lives to heart disease each year.

For Black women in the US, the statistics are particularly alarming. According to the American Heart Association, 49% of African American women aged 20 and older have heart diseases. Despite this, only one in five African American women believes she is personally at risk.

An infographic by The Lancet with statistics about cardiovascular disease in women.

Increasingly, heart disease is affecting younger women. But in many cases, adverse health outcomes are preventable through health education, clinical treatment, and support for lifestyle interventions.

Wear red for women’s heart health on February 4th to raise awareness and support, wherever you are in the world. Please post a picture to your social media and make sure you tag us @heartofagiant and use the hashtag #goredforwomen.

PS: We’re launching the 2HC Program in the greater Boston area in March 2022, to help people control their blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health outcomes. Apply to join for free.

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