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Episode 12: Defying Odds with Olivia Rose: Heart Disease Survivor’s Journey

“I have a determination that plays a role.” – Olivia Rose

Bouba chats with Olivia Rose to talk about her heart disease journey. 
After suffering two strokes and heart disease, Olivia Rose, an elite athlete, courageously fights for her life and embarks on an inspiring journey of self-discovery and resilience to defy the odds.

Olivia Rose is a thriving survivor, heart transplant recipient, and former LVAD patient living with heart disease. In addition, she is a natural bodybuilder and former athlete who has inspired others with her resilience and determination.
Olivia Rose was 25 when she was diagnosed with a heart condition in 2014. She had two strokes, an LVAD to help her heart, and was told she only had 15% of her heart functioning. Despite this, she remained positive and found strength in her family, friends, and athletic background. Through her determination and her mother’s unwavering support, Olivia Rose eventually received a heart transplant and is now living with a new heart. She inspires many, overcoming immense challenges and finding joy in the little moments. In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. How Olivia dealt with the diagnosis of her heart disease at the age of 25, and how did she manage her mental health?

2. How does Olivia’s competitive spirit help her recover?

3. How was it for Olivia’s family when she was diagnosed with heart disease, and what changes did they have to make?

We all Know Cigarettes are Bad for the Heart, But is Marijuana any Better?

Marijuana may have negative effects on the heart, including increased heart rate and potential for heart rhythm disturbances and heart attack. Using alternative methods of consumption may help minimize respiratory risks. If choosing to use marijuana, it’s important to use in moderation and talk to a doctor to address any concerns.

Episode 10: Inspiring Journey From Heart Failure to Transplant: A Chat With John Sanson

Bouba sits down with John to talk about life with the LVAD and heart transplant.
John Sanson is a Houston-based patient who was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy in 2016 and has since undergone LVAD and transplant procedures. He is an inspiration to many, having shed over 100 pounds, and is currently working in the coffee industry and producing a documentary series.