About the Heart of a Giant Foundation (HGF)

The Heart of a Giant Foundation is a Boston-based 501(c)(3) registered tax-exempt organization founded by Somaneh Bouba Diemé, himself a survivor of congenital heart failure.

We are dedicated to impacting communities for the better, with a mission to eliminate preventable harm attributable to heart diseases and to improve the management of chronic health conditions in our communities.

We strive to build a community that is not only informed and equipped to address heart diseases but is also supportive and accepting of those living with cardiovascular conditions. We work to amplify patient voices; we align resources and a culture of care that fosters better health outcomes — not just locally but globally.

Community health impacts everything. Health impacts every other facet of life.

Our Community Health Program​

Helping individuals better manage and prevent high blood pressure through a culturally responsive, community-based, and technology-driven approach that provides comprehensive healthcare support, health education, and coaching.

Join us, partner with us, volunteer, or help fundraise.