HGF Joins Microsoft Employee Matching Gift Program

We are delighted to announce that the Heart of a Giant Foundation is now officially part of the Microsoft Employee Giving Program!

This means that whenever a Microsoft employee donates to HGF the company matches their gift, doubling its value. And if they volunteer with us, Microsoft contributes $25 for every volunteer hour.

This year alone, Microsoft US employees have volunteered and donated to an astounding total of 27,000 non-profits and schools worldwide, and the Heart of A Giant Foundation is now one of them!

The program forms part of Microsoft’s proud tradition of corporate giving, which started in 1983. We are incredibly grateful to be eligible for the Microsoft Employee Giving Program. Our supporters are the main reason we are able to pursue our mission of improving health outcomes among people at risk of developing or falling sick from hypertension.

At HGF our goal is to help prevent and manage hypertension and its related illnesses

Hypertension is a common yet insidious health condition affecting up to 45% of adults in the US. It is the leading risk factor for heart disease and strokes. Fortunately, in most cases, hypertension can be managed and adverse outcomes prevented through a combination of clinical care and lifestyle changes.

This is why we have developed the Healthy Hearts Community Program (2HC) as our flagship project. 2HC is a culturally responsive, community-based, and technology-driven intervention. The program goal is to improve health outcomes and help prevent chronic heart diseases among people with hypertension.

We do this by offering free health education and follow-up support to patients in partnership with doctors and nurses. We aim to launch the pilot program in the Dorchester and Mattapan communities in 2022.

“I wish to give a sense of belonging and empowerment to as many individuals as possible through the 2HC program. The process of applying for the Microsoft Employee Giving program has been nothing but exciting all along. Keep an eye on our progress and wish us luck!” — Bouba Diemé, HGF Founder and a survivor of congenital heart disease

Thank you for recognizing our efforts!

We are especially grateful to Natalie Singh, who nominated us and encouraged us to apply. We are now one step closer to meeting our fundraising goals and launching the program!

If you are a Microsoft employee and wish to make a gift or volunteer with the Heart of a Giant Foundation, please visit this link.

You can also learn more about the 2HC program and explore ways to contribute. Thank you in advance for supporting our initiative!

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