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We are Striving to Build Happy, Safe Strong, Informed Healthy, Equitable Resilient, Inclusive Heart Healthy Communities.

Hypertension remains a primary health concern in the US, affecting over 45% of the adult population. Yet, only 24% of adults have their hypertension under control.

Our goal is to help bridge the gap in health education and other follow-up support that could significantly improve patients’ overall wellbeing. The primary target of this initiative is neighborhoods with predominantly Black populations, such as Dorchester, Mattapan, and other areas of Boston.

The Heart of a Giant Foundation, HGF, seeks to improve health outcomes and prevent chronic heart diseases.

The Heart Healthy Communities (2HC) Program is an initiative to help individuals and families manage and prevent hypertension. We aim to achieve this through a culturally responsive, community-based, and technology-based approach, provides comprehensive healthcare support, health education, and coaching.

Heart of a Giant

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