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The Boston Public Health Commission recently found that 25% of Boston adult residents–one in four– reported having high blood pressure (hypertension). The percentage of hypertension was higher for the following groups; Black (36%) and Latino (27%) adults, as compared with White adults (20%). The prevalence rates ranged from 34% to 42% in neighborhoods with predominantly Black people.

Multiple studies have proven that in addition to regular doctor visits, a home-based BP control program run by non-physicians can provide efficient, effective, and rapid control (suggesting an innovative paradigm) for hypertension management. In addition, such programs are effective, sustainable, adaptable, and scalable to fit current and emerging national healthcare systems.

In response, Heart of a Giant’s Healthy Hearts Program is set up to empower program participants to better manage and facilitate the prevention of high blood pressure through a culturally responsive, community-based, and technology-driven approach that provides comprehensive care tools, community-centered healthcare support, education, and guidance that engage and guide participants towards better health outcomes.

The mission of the HGF is to achieve better health outcomes for heart diseases and related chronic health conditions in our communities and enhance the quality of life through health education, care support, and connection to community resources.

Le site Programme "Healthy Hearts Communities" (2HC) est une initiative visant à aider les individus et les familles à gérer et à prévenir l'hypertension. Nous voulons y parvenir par le biais d'une adapté à la culture, fondé sur la communauté et basé sur la technologie approche, fournit un soutien complet en matière de soins de santé, d'éducation sanitaire et de coaching.

At HGF, we are driven by the African philosophy of Ubuntu, which emphasizes humanity, compassion, and social responsibility. We believe that instilling the philosophy of Ubuntu (“I am because we are”) as a core principle of our organization will significantly help improve our communities’ overall health and well-being.

Our Program incorporates successful and customizable Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) to monitor Blood pressure and other vital signs through monitoring devices and services to monitor related cardio-metabolic conditions. In addition, we may provide blood glucose monitoring for participants at risk of or living with Diabetes.

We collaborate with local healthcare providers and centers to recruit and support their patients and caregivers. In addition, we provide healthcare providers services to help the following outcomes for the participants.

See below for more information about the delivery methods and expected outcomes for each of the four pillars of the Healthy Hearts Program.

Le cœur d'un géant

Our programs are open and free to hypertension patients, at-risk people, relatives, and caregivers in Boston, MA.

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