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Nutrition, weight loss and asking for help

Dear Friends

This month brought a new (positive) milestone as my weight finally dropped below 250, which is still only 1/3 of my overall weight loss goal. Still, a 13 pound loss is something to celebrate, just not to excess!

Embracing Accountability: Working with a Nutritionist

My other achievement involved finally beginning work with a nutritionist, which will keep me accountable to someone other than myself. Once you get past the online surveys and paperwork, having a trained professional work with you on your eating habits  (emphasis on habits) can keep some of your more self-destructive tendencies in check.

When you have to answer questions about what you “normally” consume each day, it gives one pause when deciding whether to indulge in or forego that sandwich at the Chick Fil A drive thru, or the slice of pizza from the gas station quick mart.

Monitoring Health: Insights from Daily Blood Pressure Checks

As part of my regimen with Heart of a Giant, I take my blood pressure each morning, right before I weigh myself. It’s fascinating to see the daily fluctuations, and whether what you ate yesterday has any bearing on your numbers the next morning.

I do notice that since I began drinking calorie-free seltzer instead of coca cola, my pants fit more loosely and I will soon need a smaller belt. Conversely, a “cheat day” involving pizza or other high salt food won’t necessarily raise my blood pressure, but I’ll notice that I feel less motivated and more sluggish the following day.

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Small Wins, Big Changes: Navigating My Nutrition Journey

My first official meeting with my nutritionist is still two weeks away, but I’m preparing for it like it’s the SAT. Breakfast has become heavier on bananas and yogurt, with frozen waffles the last remaining decadence as of this moment. 

Dinners are– more often than not– cooked and consumed at home, lessening temptation (and excuse making) to pursue less heart healthy options. I know it doesn’t sound like a great accomplishment to tilt the scales at 248 pounds, but compared to where I’ve been it’s incremental but encouraging progress.

As the old joke goes, I may be lost, but I’m headed in the right direction.

Lewis Howe is the Community Partnerships Co-Ordinator for the Heart of a Giant Foundation. He welcomes your ideas, suggestions and expressions of support to help him in his fight against high blood pressure. You can reach him at

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