Preliminary Impact Report

To all our readers, supporters and friends

We are pleased to update you on the positive impact your support has helped us make through our Screening & Education Program. We are proud and grateful to report that over the past 11 months, the program has made significant strides in promoting community health and empowerment.

Here’s a snapshot of our accomplishments, challenges, and future plans.

Our Journey Highlights:

* Over the past 11 months, we’ve hosted 32 Blood Pressure Screening and Education events, including 2 webinars and 5 workshops.

* Your support has allowed us to connect with 376 individuals, conducting a total of 269 screenings.

* With their consent, we’ve tracked the measurements of 21 participants over multiple months. The positive outcomes are truly heartening, with 14 of the 21 individuals experiencing improvements in their blood pressure levels.

* We’ve expanded our outreach to cover 6 Boston neighborhoods: Brockton, Dorchester, East Boston, Jamaica Plain, Mattapan, and Roxbury.

The Impact We’ve Made:

* Through Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), we’ve seen promising progress in the health indicators of 12 enrolled individuals, fostering ongoing communication with our Community Care Team.

* Our focus on Patient-Provider Communication Support has empowered individuals during health visits, addressing social issues and providing valuable tools for effective communication with medical teams.

* Community Empowerment sessions have equipped our communities with knowledge, resulting in increased confidence and preparedness, as evidenced by the positive trends in blood pressure data.

Learning and Growing:

Like any journey, we’ve faced challenges, particularly around capacity. Recognizing the need, we’re actively exploring the invaluable support of volunteers to enhance our planning, management, and outreach efforts in the coming year. Our future plans include investing in community outreach to boost event attendance. Collaborations with local churches, community organizations, and businesses will be key in making our events even more accessible.

Celebrating Positive Moments:

* The frequency of our events has increased, now happening weekly or bi-weekly in accessible areas.

* Synergies with partner locations have strengthened, enhancing collaboration and complementing existing social services.

* The positive interactions with communities have been encouraging, ranging from provider referrals to early detection of health emergencies.

Your support has been the driving force behind these achievements, and for that, we extend our deepest gratitude. We’re excited about the positive momentum and are dedicated to expanding our impact in the coming year. 

Thank you for being an integral part of this journey. Together, we’re set to achieve even greater milestones in community heart health.

1 thought on “Preliminary Impact Report”

  1. Je tiens à exprimer ma gratitude pour le rapport préliminaire d’impact que vous avez partagé. Votre analyse approfondie et les conclusions préliminaires fournissent une compréhension claire des implications de votre étude. Il est encourageant de constater que votre recherche semble avoir un impact significatif, et j’attends avec impatience de voir comment ces résultats préliminaires évolueront dans la version finale du rapport. Félicitations pour votre travail acharné et votre dévouement à cette étude. Votre contribution à ce domaine est indéniable et précieuse.

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